The Guardians will pay $10,000 CASH to anyone who can:

  1) Explain and Verify the Natural CAUSE of the Big Bang

 2) Explain and Verify the Natural PROCESS of Abiogenesis

 3) Explain and Verify the Natural MECHANISM of Darwinian Evolution

Hey, I’ve got a question for you. What is religion?

Well by definition, a religion is any philosophy, worldview, or belief system, that takes a position on the essence of God, or the essence of reality.

Christianity and Judaism for example, affirm the reality of the existence of God. Whereas Buddhism, and Atheism, deny the existence of God.

Atheism, sometimes referred to as Materialism or Naturalism, teaches that all known phenomenon, from the Big Bang, to Abiogenesis, to Darwinian Evolution, all happened naturally, without any divine direction, input, or interference.

Oddly, Atheism is the only religion, allowed to be taught in the government controlled public school system. And why is that? Not because of the Constitution, or because of the separation of church and state. It’s because the atheists control the vast majority of all governmental agencies, including your local public school system. Atheism runs your government like a theocracy. They insist that you embrace their belief system, or they will take your home away from you, and kick you to the curb, if you do not comply.

Blasphemy you insist? Unfounded conspiracy theory you exclaim?

Then consider this:

#1) Atheism is the religion of choice, for all public school science classes.

#2) The majority of your property taxes go to your local government run school.

And #3) If you fail to pay your local property taxes, because you don't endorse their atheistic propaganda, your local government, will gladly re-possess your home, and put you and your family on the street. And you thought you lived in a free country? Welcome to reality.

The government controlled school system has been force-feeding their atheistic fairy tales, since the Scopes Monkey trial in 1925. The atheistic government propaganda insists that God had nothing to do with Creation, it all happened by itself. They also insist that life developed all by itself from non-living chemicals. And to culminate their trinity of deception, they insist that humans, evolved from a rock. Well actually, they teach that bacteria came to life from a rock, and then that bacteria evolved into humans.

But is there any evidence for an uncaused Big Bang? Abiogenesis? Darwinian Evolution? No. Not a shred of evidence. And even though atheism is the foundation of these three pillars of naturalism, and atheism is clearly a religion, it is the only government endorsed religion. Your government not only endorses the agenda of atheism, it force-feeds it to your kids, eight hours per day, five days per week. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? I don’t need, or want, your theology taught to my kids or grandkids.

I have my own belief system, and I don’t need you contradicting my belief system, in your government mandated indoctrination system. If you have no evidence for your superstitious doctrine, then keep your poison agenda to yourself.

Creationism has far more evidence than Naturalistic atheism.

So I say, put up, or shut up.

I will pay ten thousand dollars CASH to anyone who can:

1) Explain and Verify, the Natural CAUSE of the Big Bang.

2) Explain and Verify, the Natural PROCESS of Abiogenesis.

3) Explain and Verify, the Natural MECHANISM of Darwinian Evolution.

Just remember, all claims must be backed up by evidence, not conjecture. Not your unsubstantiated opinion, but verifiable and repeatable scientific evidence.

Although I have that money set aside in a special account, I know for a fact that I will never need to withdraw a dime, because there’s not an atheist scientist alive on this planet, that can accomplish that challenge.

Come on man, belly up to the bar. Man up. Put your big boy pants on, and shoot for the moon! Go for the Gold! Take the challenge!

What? No takers? Nobody has the guts to give it a try? Oh wait, it’s not guts you’re missing, it’s evidence.

You are just chocked full of theories, but totally void of any gall dang evidence. Shoot bro, you could have pocketed ten gees. Oh well, C'est La Vie.

The reality is, your atheistic religion is on its last leg. Ironically, it’s science that’s going to do you in. The very thing that you relied on in 1925, will be the death of your Ponzi scheme.

For those of you who are looking for true scientific origins, look no further than the Book of Genesis. In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth, and ultimately, He even created you!

Let go of your grade school worldview, and embrace Truth. Embrace, your Father God!