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[ESO] Elder Scrolls Online Applications

Recruiting for ESO is currently open!

Who we are: The Guardians is a guild focused on organized PvP. We are a collection of motivated, competitive players who aspire to be recognized as a top PvP guild. We intend to spend the majority of our time in Cyrodiil and that success will come as a byproduct of practice, coordination, and efficiency. No zerg here.

Our Past: TG came into existence 13 years ago on the game Dark Age of Camelot. We have since played many other MMO's but none have captured group PvP quite like DAoC, until ESO brought back RvR in all its glory.

Expectations/Requirements: We expect you to be mature, active, able to listen to simple instructions, work cooperatively with teammates, have basic MMO skills, and of course participate in guild PvP.

You should apply if: You’re a competitive gamer who decided to play ESO for the PvP content and are interested in joining up with like-minded individuals.

To apply, please post an app below answering all of the following questions. We will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your interest!!!

1) Character Name:
2) Level:
3) Race:
4) Class:
5) Previous guilds and gaming experience? Why did you leave that guild?
6) Normal playing schedule. What time zone do you live in?
Would you be able to attend raids?
7) Can you be on Voice comms and do you own a microphone? Will you use it?
8) Do you have anyone in The Guardians who could vote for your Application?
9) How long have you been playing MMOs?
10) Can you say your computer and connection is stable enough that you are reliable and not subjected to 400+ ping and constant crashes?
11) Please tell us why you want to join our guild. What do you expect out of joining us (at least 1 paragraph)?
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