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Memories and awesome healers by Drutt



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Post Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:03 pm

Memories and awesome healers by Drutt

Ill tell who I think are the best players ever on merlin.
Ill also explain why I think so.

the best players on merlin are the original crew from The Gaurdians.

I do not remember all the names right now but I am sure others can fill them in.
the names I do remember are
Habakau (spelling? you all know who I mean its haba)

I hope rev will post the rest of the names here for me as I hate to leave people out who deserve some recognition.

now ill tell you why these where whe best group of players ever on merlin.

there was a time when the classes from albion where so watered down compared to their counterparts it was really sad.
during this time the members of TG built an 8 man grp that could compete against anybody in fact they did far more then compete they dominated.
this group of players took the weakest classes in the game and squeezed every ounce of performance out of them and thier teamwork was the finest I have ever seen in this game.

They dominated 8v8 on merlin when there is no doubt they where at a disadvantage and they did it fairly. I have never felt they cheated in anyway nor have I ever seen that feeling from the general population of midgard.
what they did have from the players in Midgard was a huge amount of respect. We allways knew when TG had entered the battlefield and we did our best to keep track of them and eliminate the threat they proposed.

I cant count the times we would be in a large scale fight with albs and I would be thinking way ahead of the fight because I had no doubts we would win it when BAM the tide of battle would turn and the mids would get rolled.
I would ask "what happened?' and the answer would be TG showed up.
to this very day we keep track of where TG is in the frontiers and we still do it with respect unlike other guilds whom when they are reported someplace their reports are followed by a score of mocking jokes about their radaring or how they cheat.
There is no other guild from albion except for Arsenal that mids have held in such high esteem.

they did this without any instant CC.
they did this before bolt range mezz.
they did this before the left hand axe nerf.
they did this without Group purge.
they did this with the weakest classes in the game.

they where the first guild on merlin to 100 million rp's
they where the first guild on merlin to 150 million rp's (in fact when they hit 150 million rp's no other guild had yet broken 100 million.)
and they are to this day the top guild on merlin.

The Guardians
Contact: info@guardiansweb.net
Website: http://pub37.ezboard.com/btheguardiansthere82338
Guild House: Owner of Lot # 154
Membership: 71 active characters played by 49 members.
Guild Realm Points: 226,950,468
GRP gained last week: 1,287,966

I cant imagine the impact on morale they must have had in albion through the dark days when albion was at such a huge disadvantage.
I wonder how many players said to themselfs "if TG can do it I can to".

yes they have been mocked for camping the MG's but hey I would have to.
to complain about this or to mock them for it is nothing more than sour grapes.
you came, you saw and TG kicked your arse.

I learned many things from TG but the most valuable was that every class if played right can win.
the second most valuable lesson I learned was CC less and heal more.

there was an 8v8 encounter we (a full myth group) had with TG around fens when I spotted rev and and got on her first.
it was me on my skald along with hadwin on his runie and rellgar on his zerker all assisting me on revmeup. a runie a zerker (before left hand axe nerf) and a skald on a cloth caster.

she wouldnt die.

after the fight we all checked our records and we had done over 9k damage to her together before we finally killed her.
never had any of us seen such totally awesome healing.
we won this encounter but we all knew it was only because they got guard agro.
we didnt pat ourselfs on the back for winning in fact we all said "damn they are good".

their clerics where the finest healers ever.

The Guardians did all of the above with skill and teamwork that is unmatched on merlin and maybe in the entire game.

they are in my honest oppinion.

the best.


Drutt Warsong
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Post Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:09 am

Re: Memories and awesome healers by Drutt

Oh the memories, thanks for sharing that one.
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Post Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:00 am

Re: Memories and awesome healers by Drutt

I dont know why but today morning i took an old box and i saw inside some sheets.
I checked them and they were the complete maps of albion and the rest of that incredible game called Dark Age of Camelot.
So i started to remember probably my first and best period in a MMO and i remembered the guild i left when i left the game, The Guardians :).

Yes i left the game but never left and forgot the great peoples i met there; so when i finally have found this site and i have seen names like REVMEUP or NALFEN i was really happy that opening that box would bring me to the people with whom i spent years and with whom i was like at home.

So, i dont know if someone still remember me (Tigre the sorc on Merlin), but i'm happy to see you again, and i hope you still play something because this guild was the best thing i remember in years of multiplayer gaming.

Bye and may be see you somewhere :).


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Post Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:17 am

Re: Memories and awesome healers by Drutt

Tigre, omg. Of course I remember you. I think I remember everyone. It was a very special gang.
Some of us are playing Elder Scrolls Online. Even though it has some issues, the pvp is really fun. Lots of people to kill.
Until something better comes along, I will kind of hang out in this game. Check it out and let me know, if you think you might play.


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