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About the guild

We are an online gaming guild that currently focuses on the game Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning.
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Apply for membership

So you want to be part of The Guardians?


We are curently looking for:

  • OLD MEMBERS! Recruitment will be updated once the game settles in a little.

Here lies the process...

1 - You must be the following requirements to be considered a potential recruit:

  • You must play on Skull Throne, Destruction.
  • You must be level 40 Rank 50.
  • You must be one of the class that is in need..
  • You must be up to date on gear, at least top of the line blue instance gear.

2 - First fill out the questionnaire at the end of this document.

3 - Should we consider you we will contact you and ask you to get 3 approvals within guild members. Those members will support your entry into TG.

4 - When all the above is completed, you will be invited in TG and assigned a trial officer. This person will be responsible of you during your training period that will last 1 Month. After that period is elapsed we will have an internal vote to see if you are fit to be a TG or not. We keep the option to terminate your trial period at any time without warning.

What happens during trial?

You are being evaluated. You will get the rules laid out for you and any violation will get you kicked out with no warning. It's in your best interest to play a lot during this time so people will get to know you better and will have a stronger opinion of you. Members who dislike something you do will send information to the trial officer and that information will be kept completely confidential, unless you broke an important rule because this throws you out immediately.

What happens once the trial is over?

  • The original 3 approvers must still approve of you.
  • The Trial Officer must have nothing significantly bad to say about your playing ability and/or attitude.
  • The council must validate your full membership

If the above is positive, congratulations you are now a full member.

Remember the burden is upon you and you alone to prove you are worthy.

If you decide to ahead and apply, please fill in the application form

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Artwork Copyright 2001, by Sven Bybee - All Rights Reserved
Code by Glenfiddich of Purple Dragons :: http://www.purpledragons.net